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GeoChem Applications was founded in Northern California in 1992.  GeoChem's focus is twofold: 1) to provide the inter-disciplinary technical expertise necessary to address the complex and dynamic nature of groundwater quality within a regulatory framework, where any increase in monitored constituent concentrations could trigger a cleanup action; and 2) to provide statistical data analysis services for compliance monitoring programs whereby results are interpreted in a geoscience context rather than simple reliance on statistical tests.  

GeoChem's expertise in applied geochemistry and statistical analysis has been used on hundreds of environmental projects where the understanding and establishment of natural background conditions is vital to determining regulatory compliance.  GeoChem specializes in the science behind natural occurrences of common pollutants in soil and groundwater -- such as arsenic, radionuclides, benzene, and other elements and compounds in groundwater and soil, not typically associated with natural conditions.  The natural occurrences of such pollutants are surprisingly common, and sometimes mistaken for a contaminant release from project sites or other facilities where routine compliance monitoring is performed.

GeoChem currently provides data analysis and groundwater compliance monitoring consulting services to more than 40 facilities in 7 western states, often teaming with regional and national environmental engineering and consulting firms.


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